Beagle Brothers

beagle Brothers

Beagle Bros. Software

When I started programming computers, first Basic on the TI-99/4A, and soon assembler on the Apple //c, there were few options to learn it, more in a spanish speaking country.

Other than an specific book, hard to obtain in those times, my only option were computer magazines where I learned by copying the program listings they published every month. they were short programs printed line by line and explained briefly. This will force you to avoid typos and to write fast.

Later i discovered the “Beagle Brothers” programs, a different software company that didn’t copy-protected their disks, and encourage users in a fun way to discover and learn code, and programming tricks. The best for me were the posters full of useful and important information.

After that I always tried to buy their programs with my teenage savings, as much as I could.  Over the years I made a good collection of their products, from which I only kept three: Beagle Graphics, Disk Quick & Utility City. Now I have been getting more of them little by little and will try to get the full collection. We will see.

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