Apple Hand Controllers

When I was a kid my dad brought back from one of his trips the first electronic game that I can remember: “Pong” this was a “console” that connected to the TV set and using a couple of paddles allowed you to control the virtual tennis racquets in one axis.

Well, many years later Apple came out with a version of those paddles, called Hand Controllers. They were never popular, as there was not many games that took advantage of them, and the Joystick took over.

I’ve been wanting to get a hold of this item for some time, but the prices are always exorbitant. Finally I found the paddles in good shape and reasonable price. That of course implied the good old Retrobrite process and thoughtful cleaning. I think overall it was a great addition to my collection, and already have used them to play one of my favorite games – Wavy Navy – They work perfectly with this game.

DSC_2722 DSC_2719
DSC_2720 DSC_2710

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