The color Apple //c (updated)

In my continuing adventure with Apple //c, I have had many satisfactions. But one of the things that bother me is the green monitor. To read and work on word processors is fine, but for games, the best of the Apple II, display everything in a single tone is sometimes exasperating, especially in games that have a starry sky while you shoot, there’s no distinction between them.

For this and more, I was looking for a color monitor. Apple originally took out a specific model for the //c, but is 14 “, very big and bulky. Also is very hard to get and they set the price like gold. The last I found cost over $ 300.

My other options were connected to a TV, impractical, and also tried LCD monitor without success, for new monitors are 16:9, much more elongated than the traditional.

The best solution was to get a monitor of the same size, but color. In many forums asked if he could adapt Color Classic Macintosh monitors, Sony televisions or surveillance monitors, all 9 “, but the size or circuitry does not allow to adapt into the housing of the original green monitor.

At last a few weeks ago I found an LCD screen 8.4″ after comparing measurements, it was accurate. I bought it, and today I got.

The screen finally arrived today, it is a Phillips monitor, very modern, but 4:3. Comes in circuit “peeled” without any base or casing, ready to be placed on a project. When connected, has three inputs: RGB, AV1 and AV2. The latter two are classic RCA inputs , exactly what I needed. also brings a panel with LED, and buttons to turn on, select the input and adjust color, brightness, contrast and so on. on the monitor. It even handles volume, which does not need or have integrated speakers.

The first step was to test it. Did not come with power supply, but it uses a standard 12V connection, so it was not difficult to get an adapter. Hence, the moment of truth: connect to the computer.

Eureka! the test was a success. Now, adjust the display to the original casing.

This required several adjustments, and finally a board to hold the monitor in place, screwed to original holes.

Now I have several problems: keeping the original monitor attached plastic cover, to replace no way to hold parts together, I must add ideas the form of screws or glue as a last resort. This I do not like because there is no way to maintain it later.

Also I have to devise a way to adjust the LED and controls to be used by the controls of the monitor.

But I’ll do that a bit later, now enjoy my games to Color!

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