Joystick Mach III

Mach III karateka ad One of the most emblematic Joysticks of the Apple II era was the CH Products Mach III, even nowadays still appears in some advertisements like the one for Karateka, next to the iconic Apple II.
One of the remarkable features of the Mach III was the fire button at the top of the stick, the calibration dials and the ability to unlock the stick auto center, which is quite useful in many action games.
Over the past year I have bought, repaired and sold several joysticks, from the traditional Apple Joystick to the more advanced Mach II and Mach III for both PC and Apple.

Looking to add this excellent device to my //c collection, I searched for a fairly scarce piece: the white version of the Mach III.
This joystick is quite rare, and more for the Apple II model. After several months of searching, I finally found it, and as always, the cleaning and restoration allowed me to get a piece with the same color scheme, fitting perfectly within my collection.


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