OBDII in action

A few days ago I read a review Matuk on the new Chevrolet App for their cars. Since I know also Ford, BMW, Mini and Mercedes Benz and other cars already preparing applications and network connectivity, but so far I have not seen who provide self-specific information, to view information such as torque, speed, acceleration , temperatures, etc.. and specific information as CO2 emissions, cooler, slip, centrifugal and vehicle-specific sensors, which are reported to the OBDII.

So I decided to share data in my car I get through this interface, and I think it should be a standard for every vehicle it helps not only to the maintenance of the road itself, but to detect any abnormalities or changes.

This is important because – as has happened to me – sometimes to a fault car reports and dashboard lights only signal “check engine” which tells us nothing, and which is often trivial (such as a sensor escape) when we believe it is a dangerous thing.

On another occasion I spoke of OBDII, this time I made a direct connection to the car entertainment system that allows me to view the data while listening to music.

I welcome your comments.

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