Nuevo proyecto: Apple //c

For some time I have been into the ‘retro’: emulators for computers I had in the past, like the TI-99/4A, my first computer, which had connected to a cassette recorder to store my programs in basic.

After that I started to emulate Mac plus,  and later Mac System 7 color. But the computer that I mostdearly remember, is the Apple //c. This was my second computer (replaced the Texas Instruments) and my first Apple. This model was revolutionary (a term overused these days) for its time, the first Apple portable with integrated disk drive, stylish, compact, white color in a world of beige machines.

When I first saw it I immediately complain “this is not an Apple II!” but after examining it and use it I admire this great creation that was ahead of its time. I enjoyed this computer for many years, until – can’t remember – lost stashed in a closet, I think.

As mentioned earlier, a months ago after my Hackintosh, I have been following some auctions on eBay for these great computers. They range from new unopened to broken ones only good for parts. One thing I learned wax that there is a cleaner called ‘retrobrite‘ which is a mixture of hydrogen peroxide, xanthan gum, glycerine and ‘oxy’ cleaner, that is used to restore the original color of plastic.

After months of sailing offers, finally found what I wanted, an Apple //c, in good condition, for $ 12 dollars! Of course I waited until the last minute to bid, and now I’m waiting to arrive in the mail. The computer comes without a power source, so I will have to adapt one or buy one in the same eBay, we’ll see. I have a couple of discs 5 1/4 to test it, hope it works.

My idea is to restore it, use it a little while, and then turn it into a “Frankintosh” mini G4 buying a less than 10 dollars, and by installing Apple II emulators and Mac plus.

Update 1:

I wake up early to apply the RetroBright as it needs 8 hours at direct sunlight.. I will give it several coats to make it right.


Update 2:

I pplied the RetroBright in the morning, by late afternoon the color was back on the CPU, but the monitor will need another day or so, as it has a light yellow still.  Here are some photos of before and after:

Apple //c at arriving time: note the difference in keys and back handle
Apple //c after RetroBright – colors are uniform, like new.
Final result: monitor & computer match colors, fully restored!

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