Nuevo Emulador de Apple II para iPad

Among my retro projects and daily activities, I had not had time to play around on my iPad. I finally had some time, and found another gem: Best of FTA.

The application name is convoluted, FTA refers to “Free Tools Association“, an Apple IIGS emulator. this App bypassed the AppStore controls by not mentioning that it is an emulator, and actually runs very well, better than the iDOS emulator solution i mentioned before.

Best of all, you do not need to Jailbreak to run it. however, to transfer the disk images, you need a program like iExplorer, which allows the device to view files.

Using this program you must navigate to the directory Best of FTA / Documents. Pictures are copied there> DSK. Then you have to look for the “list.activesxml” which is located in the Best of FTA / Best of and copy it to your computer.

With an editor, add these lines for each> DSK has been copied, for example:


Then just copy the file back, and running the app the game will appear in the list. The program emulates a joystick, and keyboard to show you just have to drag the screen from bottom to top.

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