New Motherboard

 DSC_2048 In my passion for retro computers I have managed to collect many items related to Apple //c, my favorite computer. There are a couple of items that I still need to complete it: the LCD monitor and the bag to carry it, but the excessive cost when sold I have not made them.

DSC_2031 But a few days ago browsing eBay I found an article that caught my attention: a genuine and brand new motherboard upgrade, including roles at Apple.

The novelty of this card is that it includes an expansion port to which you can connect a expansion up to 1 GB of memory .

 comparative after a bidding war against another ten opponents, won the prized piece.

It finally arrived yesterday, and proceeded to replacement.

Definitely the card is new, I compared both cards and the date is different principle: three years apart. This indicates that not only are more current components, but the ROM version is newer.

The change was very fast and smooth, had previously updated the original ROM (255) to version 0, which supports the UNIDISK, which is determined by the way writing when booting diskless “PRINT PEEK (64447)”, and display a number corresponding to the version of ROM:
255 – Original ROM
0 – ROM version ‘0 ‘
3 – ROM version ‘3 ‘
4 – ROM version ‘4 ‘

DSC_2046 The new motherboard contains Version 3, which improvements are:
Redesigned Motherboards
Port 34-pins added to connect memory card up to 1 MB
AppleTalk Support
Keyboard color changed from beige to Platinum

Be really no big deal what is added in this new card, but it’s almost like having an Apple / / c new, with the opportunity to add a memory card if you ever find it.

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