Mouse //c

a2m4015When I  started my Apple //c collection,  the main intent was to have a full set of the model with the same design and color. Gradually I added a printer, joystick, external floppy drives and even a modem.

The mouse itself is somehow a complicated piece: Apple for some time offered different models with the //c, showing  different models in  different ads. This made it hard to identify a single specific model for the //c.

Apple has specifically two mouse models for the //c:  A2M4015 that is beige, and platinum color A2M4035 called Mouse IIc.

a2m4035This makes it little confusing because the box for the A2M4015 says Mouse IIc on top, but on the product label shows only the model number, compared to the A2M4035 which displays “Apple® Mouse IIc” prominently on the label.

For some time I had an A2M4015, but the color did not convince me, beige does not go with the platinum //c. Finally I was able to get the precious mouse, and sold the beige.

This mouse looks better and is more consistent, although the small button just like the M0100 seems to me more like a step back than forward.

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