Monitor a Color

My recent Apple //c project works great. but one thing I do not quite digest is the fact that the monitor is green: if the computer can display color so good, why settle for green?

With this premise I’ve been thinking about various solutions: buy a color monitor, specifically the version of my model, connect to a TV set, or modify the green monitor. The latter option provides more challenge, so I’ve been trying to acquire an LCD panel of that size, and adapt it into the monitor housing.

Looking at my favorite market – eBay, I found some nine-inch monitors, but they are all a 16:9 (widescreen) so are not good.

I found one brand “Pegasus” online at CompUSA, it looked very viable on their site, bought it, and got it in a couple of days.  Technically cant find anything  wrong with it, but is too wide, thick and can’t fit into the housing. I ended up returning it.

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