//c Color Monitor

There is no doubt, life is full of surprises … when I thought I had finished the project Apple //c, found in a local “flea market”, just stashed in a corner an Apple //c with the original color monitor. I could not resist the temptation, since these monitors are scarce and very hard to get (apart from the fun that comes with restoring them)  so  after a bit of haggling bought them for $50. Of course the state was lamentable: completely yellow, dirty and dusty.

Upon arriving home, after testing that worked, I started the classic process of cleaning, dismantling and restoration. The most important thing is that when working with these monitors, you have to be very careful as they retain the charge for a while, and can drop a fatal electrical shock.

I armed myself with a pair of rubber gloves, and proceeded to open the monitor. I followed the procedure and discharged the screen. Now with more confidence, but without taking off the gloves, disarmed the plastic parts, and gave them a good washing with fiber and brush to get it ready for Retr0bright.

I took all weekend to restore the color of the monitor and CPU to its original state. This time I used a stronger Peroxide at 30%, reducing the time to keep it in the sun.

The Color Monitor IIc, was the latest in technology at the time. It controls vertical and horizontal sweep, and the front brightness, color and a button to change color to black and white, this is very handy for using a word processor, or “80 column” that requires more clarity on the screen.

Of course this old monitor has some details: one corner is broken with a crack on the top and door controls have broken a hinge, but everything (except the corner) is repairable. Especially after Retr0bright treatment, the monitor looks new again, ready to use another two decades.

Repairing the hinge.

As mentioned earlier, one of the hinges of the front cover, covering the controls of the monitor is broken, in fact there are only small pieces so I tried to recreate it, with pieces of plastic. my first attempts seemed to bear fruit, but when connecting with the pressure break. the problem is trying to join several pieces forming the new hinge, I realize that it is necessary to create the part of a single piece of plastic to withstand the pressure.

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