Mi nuevo proyecto: Raspberry Pi

Thirty five years ago, Apple revolutionized the world of computers to create a computer accessible to the masses. In 2006, OLPC (one laptop per child, for its initials) started production of laptops at a very low price ($ 100 dollars) to give students from developing countries.

In 2006, a professor at the University of Cambridge, Eben Upton, and some colleagues decided to design a small and cheap computer to encourage young people in the field of programming, which is necessary in these days.

This gave the Raspberry Pi, a computer for $ 25 and $ 35 dollars, with cheap components but powerful, accessible to all sectors, to promote the program.

I welcome the idea and a few months ago I ordered one of them, in preproduction, and now I finally have arrived. For several days he had prepared an SD card with the operating system, Debian Linux.

This will be a fun project, I start installing XBMC via OpenELEC (a Media Center, or entertainment center for TV) to an SD card and another RaspBMC and see which works best.

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  1. hoy sí reconozco que envidio al javo. mi bilis no conoce límites 🙂 Felicidades por la adquisición de la RP. Un abrazo y quiero ver qué encuentras en este juguete.


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