More Raspberry Pi

For some time I have kept the Raspberry Pi under wraps, being focused on other projects like my collection of Apple IIc.I have not used this little wonder, but have heard of new implementations that have come out lately, in the field of “Media Center”.

Anyway, last week I decided to revive it, using the news of the creation of a “Turbo” mode that speeds up to 1 Ghz processor.

With this in mind I went to the page RaspBMC, (my favorite version of the Xbox Media Center), and found that it’s now in version 4, which I proceeded to download and install on my SD card.

After a long installation, XBMC loadedand to my great surprise that not only runs faster, but all the past problems were corrected.

My greatest joy was when I installed a couple of scripts, the “TV a la carta” to view TV from Spain, and “Navi-X” active worldwide channels and videos “on demand.” Everything works great, and with great emotion disconnect it and went back to my old install on traditional television, using the video outputs and stereo audio RCA. Everything worked perfectly, but of course, the XBMC is optimized for digital displays, and text in a traditional TV is very small and thin.

Without taking this into account, I took the “Airplay” to see some videos from the iPad, check Navi-X and I must say I am very happy with the miraculous device. True, it’s not perfect: a few times and was locked that “reset”, and having to use a USB keyboard (I have one wireless, which is at least more comfortable) runs and handles decently. I guess version 5, very early out according RaspBMC page, will implement the turbo mode so I hope to match the speed of AppleTV2, and is a tough contender.

Meanwhile I will enjoy this excellent device in my old TV, and continue to report success.

I welcome your feedback.

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