Lectores de Comic para iPad

From early age I loved to read. I remember before the age of 10 reading “The Golden Book of Children” hundreds of times, just like the entire collection of Emilio Salgari: Sandokan.

Soon after, I used to read Sunday’s newspaper comic strips, and once a week my father gave me some money to buy at the kiosk a “Tales of Walt Disney” or something similar.

One day – I remember it like it was yesterday – in a supermarket (Comercial Mexicana for compatriots) shopping with my mother found the volume “The ambassador of the shadows” from “Valerian agent spatio-temporal.” I must have had 12 years old.

Since then I have collected all sorts of European comic, particularly in Spanish. I have the entire collection of Valerian, Asterix, Lucky Luke and Blueberry, plus all  Moebius books.

The fact is gradually my hobby became a little expensive, since I order from Europe and bought six to ten books per batch from Spain, costing me almost the price of an iPad.

Then I discovered the Cbr format. Since then i have acquired comics in this format, which is simply a compressed jpeg  file. For me (and my pocket) has been a blessing. Now I only buy what I really like, and I can enjoy other titles which are not longer available.

In the beginning I used to read my Cbr’s in a 15′ Mac laptop with  Simple Comic which lets you view full-screen, and turn 90 degrees. It reads the keyboard to the left as an open book. The problem is that heated, the fan noise, and heavy.

Also read books and magazines (PDF) becomes a bit heavy and uncomfortable. One day I found on ebay a “Motion Computing” – tablet pc 12 “I bought it.

There was a big difference, but running windows had to use the “feather” (stylus) for all, as was heavy, it was warm and the fan noise. I also had to wait for loading the operating system, the battery lasted two hours, and the screen was not very bright.

Then came the iPad.

When he left the iPad, I like all: “Excellent for Comics!”. The problem is that it is very expensive. At the end I tried it and selling the brick “Motion” could buy it.

The experience of IPAD is the closest thing to read a book. No mouse, pen or pad. The speed of deployment, quality, and ease of use are excellent. No noise, light, immediately turn on and off as well. The battery lasts 10 hours, and I found: on a trip to Paris, we use the iPad on the plane to read, play games and watch movies, and arrived at the hotel with 20% of battery.

I have found new uses in addition to reading, has replaced 70% of my laptop. In the iPad, there are two types of readers: the basics and readers-store. latter as a platform for the electronic sale and offer a good variety.

The most prominent reader-store are Marvel Digital Comics, Comics Panefly Ave! Comics. they offer a free (less Hail! Comics, which costs .99 cents) with a proprietary format that allows reading bullet by bullet. It is very easy to buy and read immediately, but most collections are American and independientes.Solamente Ave! Comics offers European collections, and even in Castilian, but with a very limited selection but the prices are acceptable.

Among the readers. Cbr and cbz comic are Zeal, Cloudreaders, Comic Mobi reader, Comic Viewer, arc reader, Panefly, etc.
The most recommended are Coimc Zeal and Cloudreaders. the latter is free and works great with cbr, cbz and pdf. Zeal comic the other hand has an excellent storage system, which lets you “folders” or collections. It all depends on the style you have, but I post the comics I read and then delete them, so do not require a storage system, but some prefer to keep them all and the second program works very well.

Both programs offer options for brightness, change pages by dragging your finger like a real book, multi-touch to zoom in and move the bullet at will, and quickly scan through a lower bar.

Depending on the format, some comics are readable in size, there are others who come to read the text, something easy to play twice in the desired area to zoom. another feature I like is the power “position” the page a certain size and this remains fixed for the rest. This is practical and can cut many blanks in some formats.

finally, the iPad is the closest thing to perfect reader as to books, magazines and comics, especially the American format, and until they release a version of 15 inches (size of European comic magazines and normal) will remain in my preference.

Hopefully with the arrival of new pills on the market may be competition with powerful and user-friendly programs such as those mentioned above. Android is a platform with a future but also a lot of fragmentation that makes it very acceptable when you have something as solid as the iPad.

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