Apple Scribe printer

Printer before retrobriteContinuing the retro theme, the design of the //c was based on a cream color, parallel lines and buttons with sloped buttons.

Both the CPU, the external drive and a little UniDisk share those looks. To use the power supply lines and creamy. One of the last peripherals that shared this style was the Apple Scribe Printer.

This printer had the same style buttons on the //c, was based on heat transfer, using a tape with four-color inks wax that “burned” it on paper resulting in higher quality printouts than dot matrix printers. The problem was that the tape was very short and expensive, besides being very slow.

I got this wonder on the popular auction site eBay, and end up paying $16 for it, a real bargain. The printer was in perfect condition, plug it and it worked at first try, but the ink as expected was old and dry, so printed with spaces and failures. Fort the age the plastic was in very good condition, just a little yellow, which improved immediately after a few hours of Retrobrite.

Printer after retrobrite

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  1. Veo que eres muy aficionado a la maquina, yo tengo una IIc y no tengo nada mas, te interesaría?

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