The other day I read a comment from my friend Manuel López about Beagle Bros, a former software company Apple II that was apart from educational, fun, adding humor to their programs, labels and graphics on its packaging and manuals. that brought me good memories of the time used Apple / / c, the first computer “portable” I had. I still have a poster of them, along with the disc and original packaging of one of its programs.

Unfortunately all my original programs for Apple II back home from a friend of youth alienation that I never wanted them back, so I lost all my collection. 

With this nostalgia made me want to go back to see the programs and I remembered that I have some Apple II emulators for OSX: Catakig, Virtual] [and OSXII. All require Apple ROM, which you have to get on the net it is illegal to include in the program, for copyright reasons. However, the three are not without bugs or errors.

Catakig – This is the first emulator and it works relatively well, although some disks (floppies images) are not recognized and generate error.

Virtual] [- is the most fun, the drive makes sounds, but not all my files are.


OSXII – is the fastest of all, everything I’ve tried works, and have the option of color or green.

Mac Emulator

After trying these, I remembered that there are some old Macintosh emulators, such as the 512 system 7 and system 9 68040.

MiniVmac – Mac emulator 512, with System 7, runs all the programs I have saved for years, very fast and smooth.

SheepShaver – This emulates the system 9 in color, high resolution, as the Mac IIci, one of my favorite computers of all time.

These are the emulators that I have installed. I found a page with links to other emulators for Mac OSX, I have to try to see how it works.

Emulators allow you to reuse old software, you may retrieve information that otherwise would have been lost, and especially that great nostalgia for the golden age of personal computing that many of us live. 

I welcome your comments.

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