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As I’ve been playing lately with emulators, I recalled several games that were my favorites at that time so much fun.

At that time the games were achieved by importing them from U.S. stores but more frequently exchanged for ads in the newspaper. This is because in Mexico there were no software vendors, much less for Apple, and what little there was scarce and expensive.
I remember he had a character who lived north of the city which I phoned and went to your house with boxes of programs to exchange – or sell, if you had nothing that interested him. Fortunately, thanks to the purchase of computer m the United States, the previous owner I “inherited” a fairly large collection of programs, so the overnight I became one of the holders of the largest collections of the city.

Along with a great friend – Diego, also had plenty of software – we were meeting with the famous and exchanged many programs every two or three months.

With all this, I had access to an array of programs that I use and enjoy. Among my favorites were Karateka, Donkey Kong, Super Mario, and one in particular: Hard Hat Mack.
With this in mind, I was playing on my Mac a while, but one day waiting in line I started to play on my iPhone, and I thought it would be fun to play those games on the phone.

I started looking for an emulator of Apple] [, but first, Apple does not allow emulators in the AppStore, although there is a app called “Commodore 64” which itself is an emulator, but can not install more than a few authorized programs.


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  1. Hi, congratulations on your blog. Reading it made me remember the good old times when life was simpler (as the past always appears) and the easiest and most useful hack of them all was cutting a notch on an Apple II floppy disk to be able to write to the back side. It brings a lot of nostalgia feelings to me.

    Anyway, do you know what is the simple way to be able to play that great old Mac game Hellcats (over the pacific, and leyte gulf) on an iPad, or current Mac or even a PC if possible. I and my son will love to be able to play again.


    Your friend Diego

  2. Hi Diego!!
    It is great to hear from you, as you were the most knowledgeable guy on the Apple II scene at that time.
    There is a mac emulator for iOS, it works on the iphone, but is not optimized for the iPad, it requires jailbreak, and is really not very functional. The name is MiniVMac, you install it through cydia, and have to upload a ROMand games theough FTP.
    It displays small on the ipad, and as you may thought, it needs a keyboard and mouse all the time, so all games are pretty unusable.
    I would instead recommend for the ipad “iDOS” that emulates a DOS PC, have a virtual keyboard and joystick, and is pretty usable. I have been playing “Hard Hat Mack” in it. You also need to get it through Cydia or a sharing site since Apple took it out of the store.
    Hope this helps and keep on coming to the blog!

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