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Some weeks ago I read at Matuk.com blog about a hybrid drive from Seagate, that uses a memory module to accelerate the data throughput between the drive and computer, achieving access times very close to SSD’s.

As you may have read earlier in this blog, my experience with SSD has been excellent, at the same time my wife’s computer (with a conventional drive) has become slow. With this in mind, and because “Chip” Torres‘ store is a bit far from me, I drove to CompUSA to buy one.

The cost is reasonable: 500 GB for $ 150, cheaper than a SSD (although I just saw a Kingston SSD/128 for $129) but with enough space for applications and data.
I just format it, and am in the process of installing the Snow Leopard from a USB.

I will continue reporting.

First update: After 8 hours (!) Trying to create a USB with Snow Leopard, I gave up and grabbed my original DVD. For some reason the transfer of a system image to the USB takes more than 10 hours.

Finally I installed the system and transfered files, preferences and applications from the previous hard drive, OSX makes it very easy for the user. Later today I will replace the physical disk to see how it works.

Second update: Success! The disk is installed, and loading times are a little faster, the OS still loads a little slow, but the applications show a big improvement. Apparently the applications will adjust in time. We shall see.

I welcome your questions and comments.

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