Apple //c clones

 milmar_logo-300x146 At this time I finally had time to enjoy my Apple / / c, so that I could upgrade the motherboard and leave it as new. When I read about the memory expansion for this, I found the link to some clones of Apple II, among the best known is the Franklin Ace 1000 .

Some clones were physically very similar to the Apple IIe, but there were three specifically based on the Apple / / c: Franklin Ace 500 Laser 128 – laptop, similar in form and function to the / / c by the handle laptop, the keyboard on the front, side and peripheral floppy back up external power source.

found-03-laseriic But the newly discovered and that really impressed me was the Milmar Laser / / c, it is an exact copy of the chassis, up to the position of the block, in fact I’m pretty sure used an original chassis to create this, therefore the position of the screws, and the space for the label is identical specifications. The letters of the logo are the same, which changes the thing is on the keyboard and the rear ports, very crude.

Judging from the pictures and what I read online, had no integrated floppy, but external ports for different drives. it was motherboard Applle II clone. Apparently this was not very successful thanks to the boost in PC IBM Latin America, both in the education market as corporate.

 apple-laser-c-milmar-epoca-da-apple-tk-cp-msx-atari_MLB-F-3372026509_112012  apple-laser-c-milmar-epoca-da-apple-tk-cp-msx-atari_MLB-F-3372025102_112012  found-05-3-laseriic laserii_imagem_traseira

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