Updating the Hackint0sh

It’s been two years since I put together my Hackint0sh. Since then, it has been my daily workhorse running OSX Lion all this time. Since updating a Hackint0sh can get complicated, I opted to stay on lion, as … Read More

//c Color Monitor


The color Apple //c (updated)

In my continuing adventure with Apple //c, I have had many satisfactions. But one of the things that bother me is the green monitor. To read and work on word processors is fine, but for games, the best… Read More

OBDII in action

(Español) decidí compartir los datos que en mi auto recibo por medio de ésta interfase, y creo que deberían ser un estándar para todo vehículo pues ayuda no solo a la manutención del mismo sino en carretera a detectar cualquier anomalía o cambio.

Cargar el iPad con una PC

It is well known that when you want to charge the battery of an iPhone, you just have to connect to the charger, or to a USB port on any computer. However, with the iPad is not the… Read More

Mi aventura creando una Hackintosh

(Español) Esta es una guía/historia sin acabar, todavía me faltan algunos componentes para completarla, pero creo que mi experiencia podría ser de utilidad para muchosBueno, pues me he dado a la tarea de modificar una Dell Inspiron 1440 para crear una “Hackintosh”, con arranque dual Snow Leopard/Windows 7.


Nice patterns from the road

¡Viva México!

Viva el bicentenario de la revolución Mexicana

Daily life

Sometimes I wonder…

New site for iDevices!

The new site has been optimized for mobile devices, hope you like it and leave feedback!