Kansas Fest: A week back to the beginnings of Apple

(Español) La semana pasada en la cuidad de Kansas, estado de Missouri en los Estados Unidos se llevó a cabo el festival de Apple II: Kansasfest, una conferencia anual que se ha celebrando por los últimos 28 años.

Apple Modem 1200

Apple Modem 1200

In the mid 80’s Apple came out with the Apple Modem 1200,a branded modem that came in beige and white colors. This last one was considered part of the Apple//c peripherals, as it appeared in the ads, later… Read More

Beagle Brothers

When I started programming computers, first Basic on the TI-99/4A, and soon assembler on the Apple //c, there were few options to learn it, more in a spanish speaking country. Other than an specific book, hard to obtain… Read More

Apple Hand Controllers

When I was a kid my dad brought back from one of his trips the first electronic game that I can remember: “Pong” this was a “console” that connected to the TV set and using a couple of… Read More

Mouse //c

When I  started my Apple //c collection,  the main intent was to have a full set of the model with the same design and color. Gradually I added a printer, joystick, external floppy drives and even a modem…. Read More

Joystick Mach III

(Español) Mach III karateka adUno de los controladores o Joysticks mas emblemáticos de la época de Apple II era el Mach III, inclusive hoy en día aparece en un anuncio de Karateka, al lado de la emblemática Apple II.

Updating ROM and memory

(Español) hoy en día hablar de Megahertz, Megabytes e inclusive Terabytes en computadoras es algo cotidiano, sin embargo treinta años atrás las computadoras de 1 MHz y 128 Kilobytes (¡si, Kilobytes!) eran la norma, y las actualizaciones no eran tan fáciles, sobre todo en equipos portátiles como la Apple //c.

Unidisk 3.5, or the strange case of the elusive gear

Apparently my passion for retro computers have become an obssesion. The problem is that the Apple II model in particular had a very attractive design, and peripherals for this were also very asthetic pleasing. There was a line… Read More

//c Color Monitor


Repairing an old joystick

As many are aware, I have a fondness for old Apple computers, especially Apple //c. Recently I found a low priced joystick that was manufactured specifically for the Apple //c, as being platinum beige instead of other models… Read More