Updating the Hackint0sh

It’s been two years since I put together my Hackint0sh. Since then, it has been my daily workhorse running OSX Lion all this time. Since updating a Hackint0sh can get complicated, I opted to stay on lion, as … Read More

//c Color Monitor


Mi nuevo proyecto: Raspberry Pi

(Español) Me agradó la idea y hace unos meses hice el pedido de una de ellas, en preproducción, ya ahora por fin me ha llegado. Desde hace unos días había preparado una tarjeta SD con el sistema operativo, Debian Linux.

Más sobre emuladores Apple II en iPad

(Español) Hace poco escribí sobre el emulador para iOS Best of FTA. Resulta que la AppStore deicidio quitar la aplicación, y sincronizando mi iPad iTunes automáticamente removió la aplicación de mi dispositivo.

Baterias de respaldo y OSX

With the advent of the rainy season, I started checking the backup battery I have at home, and replacing the main by a 1000 VA, I found a pleasant surprise: Lions do not need to install special drivers… Read More

Proyecto Apple //c terminado

I can finally say that I have completed my project. Now, to enjoy it. Actually still want to buy a color monitor and an external 3.5 disk, but I think to use that you’ll be able to give,… Read More

El disco externo

While working on my retro project of an Apple //c, I found that this particular model had some peripherals created around the original design. These include a monitor, joystick, mouse and external drive. Among the latter the 5… Read More

Monitor a Color

My recent Apple //c project works great. but one thing I do not quite digest is the fact that the monitor is green: if the computer can display color so good, why settle for green? With this premise… Read More

Nuevo Emulador de Apple II para iPad

Among my retro projects and daily activities, I had not had time to play around on my iPad. I finally had some time, and found another gem: Best of FTA. The application name is convoluted, FTA refers to… Read More

Nuevo proyecto: Apple //c

For some time I have been into the ‘retro’: emulators for computers I had in the past, like the TI-99/4A, my first computer, which had connected to a cassette recorder to store my programs in basic. After that… Read More