Apple //c clones

At this time I finally had time to enjoy my Apple / / c, so that I could upgrade the motherboard and leave it as new. When I read about the memory expansion for this, I found the… Read More

More Raspberry Pi

For some time I have kept the Raspberry Pi under wraps, being focused on other projects like my collection of Apple IIc.I have not used this little wonder, but have heard of new implementations that have come out… Read More

Unidisk 3.5, or the strange case of the elusive gear

Apparently my passion for retro computers have become an obssesion. The problem is that the Apple II model in particular had a very attractive design, and peripherals for this were also very asthetic pleasing. There was a line… Read More

//c Color Monitor


Proyecto Apple //c terminado

I can finally say that I have completed my project. Now, to enjoy it. Actually still want to buy a color monitor and an external 3.5 disk, but I think to use that you’ll be able to give,… Read More

El disco externo

While working on my retro project of an Apple //c, I found that this particular model had some peripherals created around the original design. These include a monitor, joystick, mouse and external drive. Among the latter the 5… Read More

Monitor a Color

My recent Apple //c project works great. but one thing I do not quite digest is the fact that the monitor is green: if the computer can display color so good, why settle for green? With this premise… Read More

Plex – el mejor "Home Theater"

Jugando con OBD-II

(Español) El OBD-II (On-Board Diagnostic) es un estandard, creado para comunicarse con la computadora del auto – instalado de fábrica después de 1996. El OBD-II es un conector que se encuentra normalmente entre el volante y los controles de pie, y una vez conectado permite leer, transmitir y modificar datos.

New site for iDevices!

The new site has been optimized for mobile devices, hope you like it and leave feedback!