Mouse //c

When I  started my Apple //c collection,  the main intent was to have a full set of the model with the same design and color. Gradually I added a printer, joystick, external floppy drives and even a modem…. Read More

Joystick Mach III

(Español) Mach III karateka adUno de los controladores o Joysticks mas emblemáticos de la época de Apple II era el Mach III, inclusive hoy en día aparece en un anuncio de Karateka, al lado de la emblemática Apple II.

Updating ROM and memory

(Español) hoy en día hablar de Megahertz, Megabytes e inclusive Terabytes en computadoras es algo cotidiano, sin embargo treinta años atrás las computadoras de 1 MHz y 128 Kilobytes (¡si, Kilobytes!) eran la norma, y las actualizaciones no eran tan fáciles, sobre todo en equipos portátiles como la Apple //c.

Apple //c clones

At this time I finally had time to enjoy my Apple / / c, so that I could upgrade the motherboard and leave it as new. When I read about the memory expansion for this, I found the… Read More

New Motherboard

In my passion for retro computers I have managed to collect many items related to Apple //c, my favorite computer. There are a couple of items that I still need to complete it: the LCD monitor and the… Read More

Apple Scribe printer

Continuing the retro theme, the design of the //c was based on a cream color, parallel lines and buttons with sloped buttons. Both the CPU, the external drive and a little UniDisk share those looks. To use the… Read More

Unidisk 3.5, or the strange case of the elusive gear

Apparently my passion for retro computers have become an obssesion. The problem is that the Apple II model in particular had a very attractive design, and peripherals for this were also very asthetic pleasing. There was a line… Read More

//c Color Monitor


The color Apple //c (updated)

In my continuing adventure with Apple //c, I have had many satisfactions. But one of the things that bother me is the green monitor. To read and work on word processors is fine, but for games, the best… Read More

Repairing an old joystick

As many are aware, I have a fondness for old Apple computers, especially Apple //c. Recently I found a low priced joystick that was manufactured specifically for the Apple //c, as being platinum beige instead of other models… Read More