Installing the Apple IIgs emulator to Raspberry Pi.

Installing the Apple IIgs emulator to Raspberry Pi.

Updating a Vulcan Drive

A few months ago i acquired an Apple IIgs, and to my surprise it had a Vulcan drive inside. The Vulcan was an internal combo of hard drive/power supply with a controller card. At that time, the only… Read More

Kansas Fest: A week back to the beginnings of Apple

(Español) La semana pasada en la cuidad de Kansas, estado de Missouri en los Estados Unidos se llevó a cabo el festival de Apple II: Kansasfest, una conferencia anual que se ha celebrando por los últimos 28 años.

Apple Modem 1200

Apple Modem 1200

In the mid 80’s Apple came out with the Apple Modem 1200,a branded modem that came in beige and white colors. This last one was considered part of the Apple//c peripherals, as it appeared in the ads, later… Read More

Beagle Brothers

When I started programming computers, first Basic on the TI-99/4A, and soon assembler on the Apple //c, there were few options to learn it, more in a spanish speaking country. Other than an specific book, hard to obtain… Read More

Apple Hand Controllers

When I was a kid my dad brought back from one of his trips the first electronic game that I can remember: “Pong” this was a “console” that connected to the TV set and using a couple of… Read More

Custom image for SPVHD disk image

When I finished the SPVHD drive cover, I uploaded a photo of hte finished product to an Apple II board. To my surprise, the author of the compiled disk was one of the board members, which also created… Read More

Virtual Hard Drive for Apple //c – update

There’s been a while since I update y blog, and want to share images of the final product. Although colors don’t match, I think it came out pretty well. I welcome your comments.

Virtual Hard Drive for Apple //c

(Español) Since I started Apple //c collection, one of my “pet peeves” has always been the constant changing of diskettes. Some people solve it by changing to 80k floppy drive units and eventually, hard drives (these last ones very hard to find and expensive). These days that is simply too small anyway.

The new toy: Apple //c plus

(Español) El nuevo juguete: Apple IIc plus