Analizador de WiFi para el iPhone

The benefits of “Jailbreaking”

For some time I have been having problems with my WiFi. I tried some tricks to fix: move the router, change the setting, channel, etc.. I was always with areas “blind” where I have no signal.

Look for a tool to measure the WiFi signal. A friend recommended one for the laptop, but I thought the iPhone would be a better option, and search the App Store. It turns out that signal meters are prohibited, but in Google I found the reference to a course available on Cydia.

The program is called “WiFi Analyzer” and works perfectly, measures the power and gives a real-time graphics, so I could walk around the house and found the “dead areas” moved a little and change the router settings as the recommendation of the program to Channel 1 or Channel 11, which were the least interference with in my area.
Cambe showed me also mention that the neighboring routers, which transmit the force, the type of encryption and the channel that broadcast.
In conclusion I think a program like this is very useful, well worth the $ 2 that cost.

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